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File requirements

Generally a Vector PDF file is the best. WORD and Excel files are usually fine also. Vector files will produce the best image quality. If possible, all fonts should be converted to outlines. Bitmap files may print fuzzy or with faded ink coverage. If bitmap files are the only thing you have, they should be at least 600 DPI and grayscale. All blacks should be 100% grayscale black for best results. We need 1/4" margins all the way around.

Art/Logo Upload Details

NCR Forms can make use of Vector PDFs, Word, and Excel files, but we recommend you use Vector files because they will result in the best images. If possible, avoid bitmap images because they may result in fuzzy images or spots with faded color. If you have to submit a bitmap, please make certain it is in grayscale and is at least 600 DPI.

If your image is all black, please convert it to 100% grayscale for best print results.

Use inch margins on all sides.

Convert fonts to outlines if possible for best results.